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Project development The next Big course of Action.

…The next Big course of Action.

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing. ~ Eva Young
More Often than not most developers are faced with the question of when should they begin to build their dream project, Most believe not until they have amassed enough cash in their accounts so they could quit their jobs and isolate themselves from the rest of the world.
As it’s most often said and I quote “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” ~ Victor Kiam
I guess you must have come across this statement in the course of day to day activities that “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago”
Now, I could state to you a couple of well-rationalized excuses you’d probably give (That my computer must have been hacked in my dream and that’s why something similar to what I was working on has been built by someone else). I believe Ideas are like time they wait for no one, it’s all about taking the bold step.
I was building a product with a certain developer so time last year, we had drafted about 3 ideas that we were to work on it was over 3 months and counting and we’ve just been playing around with time, so I decided to take a bold step myself and started developing the product on my own.  
But, we were in a sleep which had to be woken up from, and I won’t repeat this mistake again, and promise to be consistent in working on my projects, and I’ll try to deliver. We’ll see.
As you are reading this, you might have a goal or a project of your own, that you’ve thought about and pushed, postponed daily, procrastinated on, and other words that start with P, for days to weeks to months, or even years.
Not only that, but you’ve gotten to the point where even the thought of this project of yours, brings the feeling of having butterflies flying around in your stomach. Demon butterflies I guess.
Hopefully, today is the day you will awake as well.
Let’s discuss about this together.

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First, the explanation.

At first, when we set the goal, we feel usually well motivated, for maybe day or two or even the first week. As each additional day passes, the resistance starts to grow. The feeling of you not being prepared or good enough.
As more days pass by, we begin to feel more overwhelmed, especially if we have attempted to begin our first deployment several times, and failed. It builds up, but in a wrong direction.
The biggest problem in this case is that we think of the huge size of the goal, or to be better said, the list of things we need to do, and how much time and resources it will take us to achieve them all.
We imagine the big picture.
There is nothing wrong with visualizing the big picture, on the contrary, we need it there, but in the beginning, it’s the planning phase.
But immediately the plan is finished, you should stop imagining the big picture and focus on the small one what matters.
To be realistic, yo have one day ahead of you.only 24 hours to figure things out.
That’s what you should focus on, Next, to the “24 hours” principle, the only other thing you need is the consistency.
If necessary, sacrifice the quality of the work, or the quantity, for the sake of consistency.
Now let’s talk about the concrete steps you can take this moment to begin with and start working on your project.


Rethink the backlog

Look back at the previous times, and try to pick out the main reasons on why you’ve procrastinated (be realistic with yourself).
These reasons maybe from within or external. Maybe both.
What I mean is, the excuses you’ve given yourself (uh.. it’s hard, you don’t fully know how it’s done, etc), and the distractions around you (social media, the internet, television, people, food, and other).
Uh You might know them already, but it’s good to have the written them down, to remind yourself maybe post it on your daily tasker.


Don’t hang Yourself

This is more of a theoretical, or rather fluffy advice, but still, makes sense.
Stop pulling the luggage of your past actions or inactions. That’s the thing with us; we like to beat ourselves too often, which additionally prevents us from taking actions.
So, stop that, and focus on using the lessons from my previous statement.
Remember, think just 24 hours ahead — now when I think about it, the “24 hours life” is begins to lose its efficacy, but it sounds cooler than “12 Hours Life.”
Anyways. The minute you forgive yourself and repurpose your skills, you will feel relieved, and slowly begin to regain your original motivation, or motivation Alpha 2.0 — whatever you may want to call it.


Re-think Your next course of action

Now that you must have put this past behind you, you should look forward and get clarity on your course.
If you still want to pursue the same goal or project that’s fine, Know that most often we do not stop to think about the thigs we are trying to achieve if it makes sense to us and other people alike, Actually to us it still makes sense (It’s similar to being in an unhealthy relationship, we might not want to leave because of how much time and resources we’ve invested in it).
But this is your one shot at it either drop it or make the first 24 hours count. Have a good thought about your biggest goal and see if you still want to pursue this course.
If you feel you do, write it down and put a deadline to it. If not, scratch it off. And think of a new goal you’d like to focus on in the coming year.

Ok, easy there “hero’ pick one goal, please not six or twelve. Let’s not copy & paste new years resolutions, year after year.
Once you’ve done this, you need a strategy.
Write a New Action course.
In those 12 hours, your main focus (in respect to your goal), should be two things:
Things you have to DO to achieve your goal (what exactly are the activities you have to do to achieve this goal)
Things you have to learn or Unlearn to make this happen.
When you know these two things, write them on the timeline, and then…

Hmm… It’s time to Act

To make sure history is not born again in new dates, Choose a focus for today - no matter have small that is.
Like writing “helIo world” in a newly learnt language or one you’re trying out”,This might probably be the most important thing you can remember from this article.
‘’If needed, sacrifice the Quality of your code, and the Quantity of lines, for the sake of CONSISTENCY.’’


Even though it may be small but not easy, you need to let each minute count. Just like this article I wrote it one word at a time and your read it a word at a time.
Uh..Without hesitation.. Go and grab it
Just remember once in a while to take out time to evaluate your progress, you may consider using a trello board, bitbucket or which ever.
But remember you don’t fully own the idea, project or goal not until your work on it.

Voila… “I’m Out”.

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