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how-to-start-affiliate-marketing.jpgAffiliate marketing is just one of the various methods of monetizing your blog effectively.

Many do not know about this and don't know How to start affiliate marketing

They solely depend on Adsense and other pop up ads to monetize their website

Affiliate marketing  can be a game changer for your business just like it is for many other sites out there.

As an Affiliate Marketer,

You get paid for every single customer you bring in to an affiliate company

You get paid for promoting  companies products and also be given a commission on all market sakes made by you

There are a lot of affiliate agencies out there who are looking for someone to help promote their products and widen their brand.

Many believe Adsense is the most effective way of monetizing a blog without paying much reference to affiliate marketing

In this post we are going to be looking at some of the best affiliate marketing websites,  how to start affiliate marketer and many more

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In our every day life we get to make numerous business transactions of our own

There is what is called Chain of Distribution

We have the
Producer : The Producer would be a person or company that produces a particular product like electronics,  phone gadgets and wish to sell them to his or her  customers.  In this sense the producer is the affiliate marketing agency / advertiser who wishes to make his or her products popular and well known.
To do that he or she would be needing the services of a retailer ( Publisher)

Wholesaler / Retailer :

The Wholesaler is that person who buys in bulk from the manufacturer and sells it out to others.
In the Affiliate marketing world,  he is called the ' Publisher '
The Publisher is that person who acts as an Affiliate marketer and promotes goods produced by the manufacturer to the final consumers upon exchange of commission.
He or she gets paid for every single sale made.

Final Consumer :

The Final Consumer is that person that is in need of that which an affiliate marketer advertises.

When he or she buys a product from the manufacturing company, the advertiser gets a commission

What Affiliate Marketing can you do for your business

There are about 101 blog niche known.
Every blog niche is solely independent of the other.
You should only advertise on products that are related to your blog niche.

If you blog on a technology niche,  you can go about affiliate marketing for tech brands and companies like Tecno, Infinix, Jumia and many more

There are a lot of affiliate marketing companies out there

All you have to do is go for that which is common to your blog niche

What are some of the tools you would be needing as an affiliate marketer

Keyword Planner

There are a lot of good keyword planners out there but I would suggest you going for the Google Keyword planner as it is trustworthy and reliable.

Content is king, but then there's no way you would be able to come up with rich contents without making use of some relevant keywords
As an affiliate marketer, you should be able to know what products your audience are badly in need of and be able to come up with rich and quality contents to back them up.
This can only be done if you do your keyword research right

Webinar Jam

To many consumers, seeing is believing.
As an affiliate marketer, you should be able to come up with ways to persuade your audience to go for a product.

Webinar Jam allows you create live presentations to get rid of all doubts and give answers to all queries made from your targeted audience.

It is a good way of building a producer - consumer relationship


After compiling all relevant keywords and creating meaningful posts of your own ,you would be needing a website or blog to post it.

Host gator allows you create a website in no time and makes your followers have confidence in you

Now after saying all these,

How do we now get a company to sign you as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most easiest and cheapest way of making money online even without having to produce goods of your own.

There are a lot of sites to work as an affiliate marketer.

Such companies include

Jumia  Affiliate Program
Konga Affiliate Program
Payporte Affiliate program
Kaymu Affiliate program
WebforAfrica Affiliate program
Wakanow Affiliate program

Other companies world wide include


Amazon associates





It's simple to get started.
Visit any of the affiliate marketing companies
Register under them as an affiliate marketer and adhere to the rules
Promote products and get paid every time someone buys a product

Affiliate marketing can be harnessed as a great source of income for your blog if used wisely

Here are some of the reasons why I feel Affiliate Marketing is better and more preferable

Global Marketing

It gives you an opportunity to reach to a lot of people on the internet and tell them about your products

Cost  Free

They are no charges incurred by being an affiliate marketer.

It is cost free and doesn't require you paying a dime to become an affiliate marketer

Work from home

One good thing about this is that you can choose to work from the comfort of your home.

You do not need to work long distances or going to a certain place before making sales

As an affiliate marketer,  you need to stay up to date with the recent changes in your consumers needs

Get to know what product is beat for your audience and provide relevant information about them to your followers

This are some of the basics you need to know about affiliate marketing as a blogger

Feel free to add value to all that has been highlighted in this post

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