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How bloggers succeed as affiliate marketers


How bloggers succeed as affiliate marketers

You may be wondering, what is the relationship between bloggers and affiliate marketing? The answer is ‘a lot’. While affiliate marketing opportunities may be opened for anyone, a blogger is in a better position to make money from affiliate marketing than any other person. This is because, bloggers are online influences and business owners are always looking for ways to influence prospective buyers. Hence you can say that a blogger bridges the gap by connecting business owners to prospective customers.
However, for a blogger to be successful, he/she must have certain practices that endear him to the hearts of his audience. We will now analyze some of these practices:

1.Being consistent with a particular niche

This is a no brainier. It is better to be a specialist in one thing rather than to be a jack of all trade and master of none. People will come to respect your opinion in a particular field if all you blog about is that field and should they need to consult anyone with a professional opinion in that field, they will come to you if you are approachable.
The best strategy is usually to blog about your profession; hence, if you are a poultry farmer, then you should blog about your experiences and the challenges a typical poultry farmer will faces everyday and the solutions. Not only will members of your audience pay you to consult with you, you can also use the opportunity to recommend and get them to make purchases of products that you are affiliated with. This becomes a double income approach for you.

2.Writing an article about the product you wish to promote

Simply displaying your affiliate products overtly and expecting people to make purchases is usually frowned at and will not result in any sales. The best marketing persuasions are not overt but subtle.
Writing an article detailing the challenge and recommending a product (which you are affiliated with) that removes the problem will result in a leap in sales because once anyone can identify the challenge, he or she will become interested in acquiring the solution especially because the recommendation is coming from a trusted source –which is you.

3.Promoting useful and reliable products

When choosing products to promote make sure that you are promoting products that are both useful and reliable. If these two conditions are not met, your audience will lose confidence in you and will not take you or any recommendations from you serious in the future.
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4.Using hyperlinks and shortened URLs

When placing your affiliate links in the articles on your website, do not just paste it directly as it is, rather use hyperlinks. Should you have a need to post direct links especially on social media, use a shortened URL such as Remember also, to embed all images with your affiliate links.

5.Using comparison between two products

When writing an article to promote a product that you are affiliated with, comparing two alternative products side by side and outlining the pros and cons of each of them while subtly urging the readers to buy your preferred choice is usually a better strategy to lock on a sale. For what it’s worth, you can be affiliated to both products that you are comparing. This ensures that you will still earn a commission regardless the choice of the readers. Some of your readers might even purchase the two alternative products especially if only one of did not have all the features they require.

If practiced consistently, these five hacks listed above can earn you a 7-figure income every year.

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