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    How bloggers succeed as affiliate marketers


    How bloggers succeed as affiliate marketers

    You may be wondering, what is the relationship between bloggers and affiliate marketing? The answer is ‘a lot’. While affiliate marketing opportunities may be opened for anyone, a blogger is in a better position to make money from affiliate marketing than any other person. This is because, bloggers are online influences and business owners are always looking for ways to influence prospective buyers. Hence you can say that a blogger bridges the gap by connecting business owners to prospective customers.
    However, for a blogger to be successful, he/she must have certain practices that endear him to the hearts of his audience. We will now analyze some of these practices:

    1.Being consistent with a particular niche

    This is a no brainier. It is better to be a specialist in one thing rather than to be a jack of all trade and master of none. People will come to respect your opinion in a particular field if all you blog about is that field and should they need to consult anyone with a professional opinion in that field, they will come to you if you are approachable.
    The best strategy is usually to blog about your profession; hence, if you are a poultry farmer, then you should blog about your experiences and the challenges a typical poultry farmer will faces everyday and the solutions. Not only will members of your audience pay you to consult with you, you can also use the opportunity to recommend and get them to make purchases of products that you are affiliated with. This becomes a double income approach for you.

    2.Writing an article about the product you wish to promote

    Simply displaying your affiliate products overtly and expecting people to make purchases is usually frowned at and will not result in any sales. The best marketing persuasions are not overt but subtle.
    Writing an article detailing the challenge and recommending a product (which you are affiliated with) that removes the problem will result in a leap in sales because once anyone can identify the challenge, he or she will become interested in acquiring the solution especially because the recommendation is coming from a trusted source –which is you.

    3.Promoting useful and reliable products

    When choosing products to promote make sure that you are promoting products that are both useful and reliable. If these two conditions are not met, your audience will lose confidence in you and will not take you or any recommendations from you serious in the future.
    See Best Affiliated Marketing

    4.Using hyperlinks and shortened URLs

    When placing your affiliate links in the articles on your website, do not just paste it directly as it is, rather use hyperlinks. Should you have a need to post direct links especially on social media, use a shortened URL such as or short.est. Remember also, to embed all images with your affiliate links.

    5.Using comparison between two products

    When writing an article to promote a product that you are affiliated with, comparing two alternative products side by side and outlining the pros and cons of each of them while subtly urging the readers to buy your preferred choice is usually a better strategy to lock on a sale. For what it’s worth, you can be affiliated to both products that you are comparing. This ensures that you will still earn a commission regardless the choice of the readers. Some of your readers might even purchase the two alternative products especially if only one of did not have all the features they require.

    If practiced consistently, these five hacks listed above can earn you a 7-figure income every year.

    Innovation! Where is Nigeria?


    What is Technology innovation all about?

    The everyday tasks and jobs can be daunting, there are lots of important and necessary things to be taken care of, bills need to be tended to, errands to run, all these must be accomplished. Sometimes, the wonder of what we could use technology for hits us, among them are programs, devices and several system which aim to make life easier and open up opportunities to us for development.
    We live in an era where technological inventions and innovations are becoming a norm, we have programs which allow us to do a lot even from the comfort of our bedroom, E-commerce solutions readily at our finger tips, health apps that connects us with doctors and Artificial intelligent systems that can now help detect diseases in our body systems before they occur (Doctors now reside in our pockets)

    Examples of Technology innovated

    360 degrees cameras Technology

    we live in a world which is 360 degrees but yet we confine our minds to a two dimensional approach, today as 360 degree cameras are becoming cheaper and available, 360 degree videos becoming available, we can expect user-generated content to undergo a complete renaissance.

    Elon musk solar roofing tiles Technology

    This happens to be an impressive innovation providing dual value solving cases of energy and also roofing our houses, allowing us not to lay large panels on our roofs.

    Elon Musk’s Tunnel Underground System Technology

    In a recent TED Talk, Elon Musk shows a video clip of his latest project, which is digging a network of 3-D tunnels under Los Angeles. Hoping to greatly reduce travel time, helping people travel under minutes over kilometers, without speed restrictions.
    Volocopter in Dubai, to help in air transportation helping the the taxi system

    Payments using Facial Recognition Technology

    Totally replacing credit cards, pay-pal and other e-payment companies are totally changing the way we buy and sell on the internet.

    Solid State Batteries Technology

    Although still in it’s early stages of development the technology seems to tell us that our batteries would be puncture resistant, hoping to fix most of the downside of our traditional lithium battery.
    Every Industry, country, city and person wants to be part of making history in an every changing world, most people may be scared of losing their source of livelihood due to the “technovation” currently disrupting almost every industry.
    Although this story may not be same in every country or locality, here in Nigeria, we are still making do with smart apps which could help reduce the time and effort we spend on some tasks companies who have excelled in this field are the likes of Simple-pay,vogue-pay, pay-stack, flutter-wave(Payment solutions), jumia & konga (E-commerce solutions), Gomyway(transportation), e-commerce), mypadi (changing the lives of students by helping them live comfortably while they study) and so many other application.
    There is a need for open innovation in Nigeria, in other to join the world’s top economies, in-order to overcome the impending unemployment and economic recession engulfing the country, there is an urgent need for us to come out of our shells and explore uncharted territories, Our systems seems to be running on the most remote and redundant programs, our educational institution still streamlining us to learn in just a particular way, while visual learning is becoming a norm in most countries around the world.
    It’s begs the question are we ready for the next technological wave, if yes when would we start tapping into the existing ones. When would we have indigenous industries stop working in a traditional manner and begin helping with everyday solutions that affects man and how we see the world around us, some have tried to get us on the map.
    I long to hear questions like would Innoson become the Tesla of Africa, would Afrione cell be the iphone of Africa. e.t.c I see Innovation as continuously trying to be better and do things in a better way.

    If you’ve read this article you’re probably looking to help solve our impending technological issues, please keep hoping and thinking of solutions you could come up with. We could be better.

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    See why Flash share is the Best Android Phone App in Nigeria

    Flash-share-is-the-Best-Android-Phone-App.jpgNB: Android phones are the first smartphone to have an application which allows the transfer of large files eg 1GB video in minutes.

    From time of invention of the Android smartphone, everyone who intercepted the new inventory was very unique compared to other counter mobile phones which existed in those days. Most applications were manufactured to suit the exceeding needs of the users of the newly invented mobile phone type but as the need arises, they are being solved one by one but still the biggest of all the issues android users experienced was still lingering, which is how to transfer large files, applications, photos, medias (videos and songs).
    It is normally a no go area using Bluetooth to transfer large files or movies of up to 1GB space but subsequently a solution was invented to solve the issue of large file transfer for android phone users.

    An Android app known as the FLASH SHARE was invented to solve the issue of large file transfer and sure thing it did.
    The conformance of the app with android phones solved the problem of file transfer that everyone was having issues with and even extended past the length of what the primary motive for its inventory was and it started solving some certain problems people have using their phones. The basic reason why the Flash share application was invented was to allow the transfer of files (large files) which includes high end videos, dense applications eg BBM (blackberry messenger), whatsapp, Facebook application and games.

    Today, the flash share application serves more purposes than what it was actually invented to do. Owing that Nigerians are not always used with Wi-Fi data, they tend to leave online downloading to the better subscribers and focus more on trying to use the FLASH SHARE application to collect needed application from the ones who have it in their android phones. Also considering the fact that Nigerians are too good with converting the purpose of some inventories to suit their own needs, the flash share application was used by Nigerians to achieve several ends meets which are discussed below:

    1. Saving money for the average android users.

    Many android users fall to the category of little subscribers who only buy data of less cost and as such they never download any application with their own mobile phones but solely depend on other
    android users to share with them using the FLASH SHARE application.
    Sometimes upon the expiration of some of their android application software eg whatsapp, they still go out to find whom to collect the said expired application and here this application Flash share comes into play.

    2. Transfer of large files

    Some files are above the transfer limit of Bluetooth and so cannot be set or received using the Bluetooth. Files of sizes ranging from 20MB to 1GB find it hard being transferred using Bluetooth but the flash share application makes it to be easily sent in 1 minute minimum and 5 minutes maximum. In the transfer of large files, flash share plays a vital role as well.

    3. Reduce download stress, proximity sharing and increase as fastness in sharing

    Using the flash share is so exhilarating that android phone users can see and exchange their contents, applications, medias in a very little space of time notwithstanding how long or big the file could be. The actual time spent transferring contents from one phone to another is relatively lower when using the flash share than when not using the flash share (using the Bluetooth)

    These three points guarantee that the flash share could be considered as one of the most efficient android application in Nigeria.

    VIRTUAL LEARNING: Top 6 websites to learn computer programming

    Top-6-websites-to-learn-computer-programming.JPG Computer programming is a trend in Nigerian technology space, as there seems to be increased interest in it.

    There are different means to learn programming, which includes learning at ICT companies, learning from friends who are programmers, virtual learning etc.The cost of learning programming especially in ICT companies are are most a times expensive here in Nigeria and this seems to discourage a lot of youths from deep diving into computer programming.

    So, I'll be talking on virtual learning which is a cost effective means of learning programming and I'll also list few highly rated websites we can learn from.


    Virtual learning refers to face-to-face online teaching with the aid of a device such as laptops, tablets, smart phones etc. It can be in a video format, text format or audio format.

    I personally think it's a less expensive means which Nigerian youths can explore in learning computer programming because all that is required in most virtual learning classes is a working device like laptop with an Internet connection.


    ·          Codecademy

    Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js), Ruby, SQL, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.[4][5] The site also offers a paid "pro" option that gives users access to a personalized learning plan, quizzes, realistic projects, and live help from advisors.

    So, if you are a beginner, wanting to start with the basics of web tech, Codecademy is the site for you. Codecademy offers easy to understand tutorials which you can schedule to your liking. Codecademy is divided into sections, which after a successful completion of each section you are provided with a badge.

    You can check it out here on

    ·          W3schools

    W3Schools is a popular web site for learning web tech online. Its Content includes tutorials and references relating to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AngularJS, SQL, Bootstrap, and jQuery. It receives more than 10 million unique visitors monthly.

    Even if you are new to programming, this website helps you learn and practice programming in an interactive and easy manner. It offers  courses in Html, JavaScript, PHP,, also gives  an opportunity for you to practice what you have learnt in other projects that the site offers.

    You can check it out on

    ·          The new boston

    The New Boston is a learning site that deals in mainstream programming, like C, C++, along with web tech like HTML and Javascript. It offers video tutorials on various topics like Python, computer game development, iPhone development, Photoshop and so on. Each topic is covered by around fifty to hundred easy-to-understand videos lasting for seven to fifteen minutes each.

    You can check it out on

    ·          Udacity

    It's is a for profit organisation that offers courses ranging from java programming, machine language, Android development etc. Its have about 1.5million registered users, and they offer other professional courses apart from computer programming.

    You can check it out on

    ·          Learn code the hard way, offers to teach users Python, Ruby, C, Regex, and SQL.It adopts a unique approach for teaching a number of languages – Python, Ruby, C, Regex and SQL.Its tutorials are in the form of full-fledged books that talks on constant practice for learning. Rigorous exercises are designed to ensure remembrance , and the site is a very good resource on learning the languages it offers.

    You can check it out on


    WiBit.Net is a video tutorial web site offering programming & computer tutorials.

    It's believe is starting from scratch and is therefore best for beginners. It starts with giving you a brief history about what you are going to learn, followed by basic concepts behind the programming. It helps you strengthen your coding skills. Optimized for Android phones as well as iOS devices, the site has its ebooks available on both the Play Store and App Store. For a price, though.

    You can check it out on

    Do you think we forgot to add many more websites to learn Programming?  Let us know in comments your favourite website(es)


    BEST-AFFILIATE-MARKETING-FOR-NIGERIANS.jpgAffiliate marketing is the process of promoting and selling another man’s products in return you will receive a commission from the owner of the business.
      You do not need to have your own products. Most bloggers are making real money with affiliate marketing.

    Why you should join affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money through your blog, the reasons why you should join affiliate marketing and start promoting other peoples products includes

    To have another stream of income
    You will make more money even without having your own products.
    Affiliate marketing is a good way to monetize your blog

    In Nigeria, there are many affiliate programs which you can join and make real cash through your blog.  It is not all affiliate programs that is suitable for Nigerians.

    The reason why some foreign affiliate program is not suitable for Nigerians is because most of them set their payment method as paypal.
    You already know that paypal do not work in Nigeria, but I can tell you that paypal works 100% well here in Nigeria. If you create a Nigerian paypal account, you can only use it to make payments online,
    but you can never use it to receive payments online.
    If you want to know how to create a verified paypal account which you can use to send and receive payments online, get in touch with me through my contact page or just leave your comment on this post.

    Affiliate marketing for Nigerians

    Now, let us see the the best affiliate programs for Nigerians which you can join and start making money right away through your blog.

    Whogohost Affiliate Program

    Whogohost is a web hosting company in Nigeria where you can host your website. They also offer a very good affiliate program for their customers. If you join their affiliate program, you need to recommend
    their services to people, if someone gets a host from whogohost through your link, you will get your own share of the money.

    Voguepay Referral Program

    Voguepay is an online payment payment processor which enable merchants to receive their payments online. Apart from receiving payments online, they also offer a very good referral program for Nigerians
    which will help you to add another stream of income for your self.

    Jumia Affiliate Marketing

    Jumia affiliate marketing is another affiliate marketing that is suitable for Nigerians. It is one of the most popular affiliate marketing here in Nigeria. You can make a lot of money with jumia affiliate.

    Konga Affiliate Marketing

    Konga is yet another company that offer affiliate program which is suitable for Nigerians. This is very similar to jumia affiliate.


    There are many affiliate marketing which you can join, but above are the most trusted and I have selected them for you to take part. So go on and join them and start making money with them.

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    Project development The next Big course of Action.

    project-development.pngWHEN SHOULD I START BUILDING MY PROJECT
    …The next Big course of Action.

    To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing. ~ Eva Young
    More Often than not most developers are faced with the question of when should they begin to build their dream project, Most believe not until they have amassed enough cash in their accounts so they could quit their jobs and isolate themselves from the rest of the world.
    As it’s most often said and I quote “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” ~ Victor Kiam
    I guess you must have come across this statement in the course of day to day activities that “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago”
    Now, I could state to you a couple of well-rationalized excuses you’d probably give (That my computer must have been hacked in my dream and that’s why something similar to what I was working on has been built by someone else). I believe Ideas are like time they wait for no one, it’s all about taking the bold step.
    I was building a product with a certain developer so time last year, we had drafted about 3 ideas that we were to work on it was over 3 months and counting and we’ve just been playing around with time, so I decided to take a bold step myself and started developing the product on my own.  
    But, we were in a sleep which had to be woken up from, and I won’t repeat this mistake again, and promise to be consistent in working on my projects, and I’ll try to deliver. We’ll see.
    As you are reading this, you might have a goal or a project of your own, that you’ve thought about and pushed, postponed daily, procrastinated on, and other words that start with P, for days to weeks to months, or even years.
    Not only that, but you’ve gotten to the point where even the thought of this project of yours, brings the feeling of having butterflies flying around in your stomach. Demon butterflies I guess.
    Hopefully, today is the day you will awake as well.
    Let’s discuss about this together.

     Read process of software development

    First, the explanation.

    At first, when we set the goal, we feel usually well motivated, for maybe day or two or even the first week. As each additional day passes, the resistance starts to grow. The feeling of you not being prepared or good enough.
    As more days pass by, we begin to feel more overwhelmed, especially if we have attempted to begin our first deployment several times, and failed. It builds up, but in a wrong direction.
    The biggest problem in this case is that we think of the huge size of the goal, or to be better said, the list of things we need to do, and how much time and resources it will take us to achieve them all.
    We imagine the big picture.
    There is nothing wrong with visualizing the big picture, on the contrary, we need it there, but in the beginning, it’s the planning phase.
    But immediately the plan is finished, you should stop imagining the big picture and focus on the small one what matters.
    To be realistic, yo have one day ahead of you.only 24 hours to figure things out.
    That’s what you should focus on, Next, to the “24 hours” principle, the only other thing you need is the consistency.
    If necessary, sacrifice the quality of the work, or the quantity, for the sake of consistency.
    Now let’s talk about the concrete steps you can take this moment to begin with and start working on your project.


    Rethink the backlog

    Look back at the previous times, and try to pick out the main reasons on why you’ve procrastinated (be realistic with yourself).
    These reasons maybe from within or external. Maybe both.
    What I mean is, the excuses you’ve given yourself (uh.. it’s hard, you don’t fully know how it’s done, etc), and the distractions around you (social media, the internet, television, people, food, and other).
    Uh You might know them already, but it’s good to have the written them down, to remind yourself maybe post it on your daily tasker.


    Don’t hang Yourself

    This is more of a theoretical, or rather fluffy advice, but still, makes sense.
    Stop pulling the luggage of your past actions or inactions. That’s the thing with us; we like to beat ourselves too often, which additionally prevents us from taking actions.
    So, stop that, and focus on using the lessons from my previous statement.
    Remember, think just 24 hours ahead — now when I think about it, the “24 hours life” is begins to lose its efficacy, but it sounds cooler than “12 Hours Life.”
    Anyways. The minute you forgive yourself and repurpose your skills, you will feel relieved, and slowly begin to regain your original motivation, or motivation Alpha 2.0 — whatever you may want to call it.


    Re-think Your next course of action

    Now that you must have put this past behind you, you should look forward and get clarity on your course.
    If you still want to pursue the same goal or project that’s fine, Know that most often we do not stop to think about the thigs we are trying to achieve if it makes sense to us and other people alike, Actually to us it still makes sense (It’s similar to being in an unhealthy relationship, we might not want to leave because of how much time and resources we’ve invested in it).
    But this is your one shot at it either drop it or make the first 24 hours count. Have a good thought about your biggest goal and see if you still want to pursue this course.
    If you feel you do, write it down and put a deadline to it. If not, scratch it off. And think of a new goal you’d like to focus on in the coming year.

    Ok, easy there “hero’ pick one goal, please not six or twelve. Let’s not copy & paste new years resolutions, year after year.
    Once you’ve done this, you need a strategy.
    Write a New Action course.
    In those 12 hours, your main focus (in respect to your goal), should be two things:
    Things you have to DO to achieve your goal (what exactly are the activities you have to do to achieve this goal)
    Things you have to learn or Unlearn to make this happen.
    When you know these two things, write them on the timeline, and then…

    Hmm… It’s time to Act

    To make sure history is not born again in new dates, Choose a focus for today - no matter have small that is.
    Like writing “helIo world” in a newly learnt language or one you’re trying out”,This might probably be the most important thing you can remember from this article.
    ‘’If needed, sacrifice the Quality of your code, and the Quantity of lines, for the sake of CONSISTENCY.’’


    Even though it may be small but not easy, you need to let each minute count. Just like this article I wrote it one word at a time and your read it a word at a time.
    Uh..Without hesitation.. Go and grab it
    Just remember once in a while to take out time to evaluate your progress, you may consider using a trello board, bitbucket or which ever.
    But remember you don’t fully own the idea, project or goal not until your work on it.

    Voila… “I’m Out”.


    how-to-start-affiliate-marketing.jpgAffiliate marketing is just one of the various methods of monetizing your blog effectively.

    Many do not know about this and don't know How to start affiliate marketing

    They solely depend on Adsense and other pop up ads to monetize their website

    Affiliate marketing  can be a game changer for your business just like it is for many other sites out there.

    As an Affiliate Marketer,

    You get paid for every single customer you bring in to an affiliate company

    You get paid for promoting  companies products and also be given a commission on all market sakes made by you

    There are a lot of affiliate agencies out there who are looking for someone to help promote their products and widen their brand.

    Many believe Adsense is the most effective way of monetizing a blog without paying much reference to affiliate marketing

    In this post we are going to be looking at some of the best affiliate marketing websites,  how to start affiliate marketer and many more

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    In our every day life we get to make numerous business transactions of our own

    There is what is called Chain of Distribution

    We have the
    Producer : The Producer would be a person or company that produces a particular product like electronics,  phone gadgets and wish to sell them to his or her  customers.  In this sense the producer is the affiliate marketing agency / advertiser who wishes to make his or her products popular and well known.
    To do that he or she would be needing the services of a retailer ( Publisher)

    Wholesaler / Retailer :

    The Wholesaler is that person who buys in bulk from the manufacturer and sells it out to others.
    In the Affiliate marketing world,  he is called the ' Publisher '
    The Publisher is that person who acts as an Affiliate marketer and promotes goods produced by the manufacturer to the final consumers upon exchange of commission.
    He or she gets paid for every single sale made.

    Final Consumer :

    The Final Consumer is that person that is in need of that which an affiliate marketer advertises.

    When he or she buys a product from the manufacturing company, the advertiser gets a commission

    What Affiliate Marketing can you do for your business

    There are about 101 blog niche known.
    Every blog niche is solely independent of the other.
    You should only advertise on products that are related to your blog niche.

    If you blog on a technology niche,  you can go about affiliate marketing for tech brands and companies like Tecno, Infinix, Jumia and many more

    There are a lot of affiliate marketing companies out there

    All you have to do is go for that which is common to your blog niche

    What are some of the tools you would be needing as an affiliate marketer

    Keyword Planner

    There are a lot of good keyword planners out there but I would suggest you going for the Google Keyword planner as it is trustworthy and reliable.

    Content is king, but then there's no way you would be able to come up with rich contents without making use of some relevant keywords
    As an affiliate marketer, you should be able to know what products your audience are badly in need of and be able to come up with rich and quality contents to back them up.
    This can only be done if you do your keyword research right

    Webinar Jam

    To many consumers, seeing is believing.
    As an affiliate marketer, you should be able to come up with ways to persuade your audience to go for a product.

    Webinar Jam allows you create live presentations to get rid of all doubts and give answers to all queries made from your targeted audience.

    It is a good way of building a producer - consumer relationship


    After compiling all relevant keywords and creating meaningful posts of your own ,you would be needing a website or blog to post it.

    Host gator allows you create a website in no time and makes your followers have confidence in you

    Now after saying all these,

    How do we now get a company to sign you as an affiliate marketer

    Affiliate marketing is one of the most easiest and cheapest way of making money online even without having to produce goods of your own.

    There are a lot of sites to work as an affiliate marketer.

    Such companies include

    Jumia  Affiliate Program
    Konga Affiliate Program
    Payporte Affiliate program
    Kaymu Affiliate program
    WebforAfrica Affiliate program
    Wakanow Affiliate program

    Other companies world wide include


    Amazon associates





    It's simple to get started.
    Visit any of the affiliate marketing companies
    Register under them as an affiliate marketer and adhere to the rules
    Promote products and get paid every time someone buys a product

    Affiliate marketing can be harnessed as a great source of income for your blog if used wisely

    Here are some of the reasons why I feel Affiliate Marketing is better and more preferable

    Global Marketing

    It gives you an opportunity to reach to a lot of people on the internet and tell them about your products

    Cost  Free

    They are no charges incurred by being an affiliate marketer.

    It is cost free and doesn't require you paying a dime to become an affiliate marketer

    Work from home

    One good thing about this is that you can choose to work from the comfort of your home.

    You do not need to work long distances or going to a certain place before making sales

    As an affiliate marketer,  you need to stay up to date with the recent changes in your consumers needs

    Get to know what product is beat for your audience and provide relevant information about them to your followers

    This are some of the basics you need to know about affiliate marketing as a blogger

    Feel free to add value to all that has been highlighted in this post


    How a developer Might be seen in Nigeria. 
    For about a while this term has lingered in my mind “WHO IS A FULL STACK DEVELOPER” most a times a look a the term from the angle which is “CAN YOU DO IT ALL”, Some employers in would love a full stack developer so as to cut down on the salary which should be paid to two separate developers who has grounded expertise in the Two playing fields.
    Last week I was posed with the question are you a “Full Stack Developer” for a moment there I still thought of the best reply to give. I would love to give a concise answer here, At first I had no real concise answer to this, I would love to answer this question in a way that it benefits developers both experienced and non-experienced touching the finer details. You may have repeatedly come across the words “full-stack developer in job advertisements or online MOOC websites. Or you may just be curious as to why this term has been trending lately more than traditional terms.
    I would do my best to explain this term to the best of my knowledge, so let’s begin the discussion.

    Let’s consider the term Jack Of All

    The Jack of all is a concept that has been around for a while that describes the abilities or characteristics of an individual who has taken his time to learn about most trades and has ideas and knowledge of most of them. The Ideal person has experience and specialty in these trades.

    A full stack developer could be seen as such a person, having read and have experience in most languages.

    Front-End Development

    Another question within this field also is “I AM A FRONT END DESIGNER OR DEVELOPER”,  These terms I would not treat separately in this article but as one entity.
    The toolbelt (skillset) of a front end developer or designer involves the actual presentation of your website – how the information in your website is displayed in browsers and on mobile devices as well. An experienced front-end developer will be very comfortable working with HTML and CSS as well as Javascript, as a scripting language. With these web languages, the developer can efficiently manipulate the information on a website to make it appealing to visitor, and function properly..
    Everything that is seen on a website – the layout, the positioning of text and images, colors, fonts, buttons, and so on – are all factors that the front-end developer must put into consideration.
    The main goal of a front-end developer is to provide the platform for visitors to interact with, a platform which provides to visitors and receives information from them. This means some developers will be well-versed in web design and using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, sketch, figma and other visual tools to create graphics and themed layouts.
    Additional skillsets of a front-end developer could include user experience design(UX) and user interface design(UI), skills which help a team evaluate the best methods of displaying and collecting information. A front-end developer who possesses these design skills may be more valuable as they can identify the look and feel of a site while assessing the technical capabilities,responses of such a design at the same time. Although these additional skillsets might be useful to a developer they are certainly not a requirement for the job in some companies, and more and more companies are seeing the value in hiring UX & UI designers to focus solely on this aspect of website development. Although in Nigeria, this might not be the norm, as companies are still on the look out for a robot, who can do it all.

    Back-End Development

    I am conversant with database creation and sending and receiving data to and fro from the back end.
    Creation, edit/update and recollection of data are some of the processes that are most often associated with back-end development. Some examples of common scripting languages used are PHP, Ruby, Python and node Js. With these languages, a back-end developer can create algorithms and business logic to manipulate the data that was received in front-end development.
    This means that a back-end developer must be able to write code to receive the information input from the user and also save it somewhere – like in a database. There are two main types of databases: relational (like PostgreSQL and MySQL) and non-relational management systems (like Mongo). The language used for database management is SQL, which helps the developer interact with the database.
    The concepts might sound foreign, but just understand that there are different database management systems based on convenience and use.
    Another component of back-end development is server management, which are applications that host the database and serve up the website. An alternative to knowing how to manage servers is to use cloud-based platforms that provide the infrastructure, like Heroku or Amazon Web Services.
    Understanding server management allows a developer to troubleshoot slow applications and even determine how scalable their websites are to scale up to include more users.

    I use Frameworks, Am I a lazy developer?
    Rather than having to rewrite the wheel everyday to develop complex proprietary code for creating different websites add systems, frameworks have become popular resources to help make these processes more efficient and convenient. Libraries like Angular, JQuery, React amongst many are extremely popular for front-end developers using Javascript, as they can implement various functions that other developers have already cultivated and tested.
    On the backend, there are frameworks like Express for Node Js,Rails for the programming language of Ruby, Django or flask for Python, and laravel for working with PHP.

    Should I Become A Full-Stack Developer?

    Given the choice to specialize in front-end or back-end development, why would any developer choose to learn the full spectrum?
    It all depends on you but you’d be more valuable to a team or company if you have grounded ideas in both area, you could easily help connect the dots on the i’s.
    In other words, a developer who can readily assess and communicate how a website should look, feel, and manipulate data while understanding the technical limitations of such implementations will be a respected and valuable member of any team or company which he/she belongs to.

    In Conclusion

    There are loads of resource to help you become a full stack developer. Google the phrase “how to be full-stack developer” and you will get tons of pages of different venues and methods to learn. But you’re probably at the start of the journey and don’t feel like you have the knowledge to differentiate between the self-guides, Pdf Tutorials, YouTube videos, online moocs  such as Udacity, Udemy and so on and Bootcamps.
    First you could review this decision by asking yourself questions like:
    • “How much front-end development is involved?”
    • “What will I learn for back-end development?”
    • “What programming languages and frameworks are being taught?”.
    A full-stack developer has all the keys to the Jobs in his tool belt– there is no door that you cannot open. It gives you a taste of being the master of the internet. Keeping Yourself Abreast puts food on your table constantly in a country like Nigeria.