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    Top Hidden Cyber Security And Technology Tips

    It wonderful having you read through this blog post again, relax as we shall be discussing CYBER SECURITY in this post
    Each and every one of us must have encounter fraudulent attack online in some way or another, we keep witnessing this in our daily lives and in most times we are victims because we cant defend ourselves mostly because their tactics keep changing and we don’t know how to stay safe online, But after reading this post, we shall understand that it our responsibility to stay safe online and how can we stay safe online?
    We can’t talk of security if we don’t know what we should be secured from, No vigilante stays awake at night when he doesn’t know what to secure the city from and that why we are going to start by describing the crimes that do occurs. We call it Cyber Crime
    Cyber is a prefix used to describe idea as part of computer technology and information while Crime is any act that violates a law of the society or human beings that result in punishment, therefore Cyber Crime is said to be any criminal activities carried out by criminals using computers technology or any electronic devices, this can be of 2 ways “Having computer system as the target” and “Using the computer technology as the weapon to attack”
    There are many Cyber crimes but am going to list little and explain them
    We have Virus Dissemination
    Site Cloning: This is a current trend in our current day generation, where there are lots of identical websites currently in existence with fraudulent tendencies, these websites come in forms of online markets and courier services, money vendors and currency exchange, etc.
    they spoke your credit card credentials and rip you off.                       
    PUPs (potentially unwanted programs): This is less harmful but more annoying malwares, they install unwanted software in your system including search agents and toolbars which include spyware, adware, listeners and as well as dialers. They also prone you with intrusive adverts that you can‘t control easily. (Bitcoinminer was one of the most commonly noticed PUPs in 2013)                      
    Malvertising: This is short for malicious adverts, this occur to almost all of us, I can easily be making researches online, all of a suddenly you will see a naked woman dancing, asking you to click so you can chat, if you fall for this and you leave your research to go and chat with a naked woman, you will become a victims. This is a method whereby users download malicious codes by simply clicking at some adverts on any website that is infected.
    In most cases, the websites are innocent. It is the cyber criminals who insert malicious advertisements on the websites without the knowledge of the latter. In other cases, the cyber criminals show clean ads for a period of time and then replace it with malverts making it more difficult to track                       
    Spamming, Phishing and Scamming: Spamming ,phishing and scamming are very common forms of cybercrimes and there is not much you can do to control them except total blocking.
    Scammers use Spam (which is basically unwanted bombarded emails and messages mostly from Spam bots.) to get to their targets audience and with Phishing (which is a method where cyber criminals offer baits so they can collect information they want from their TA) they propose offers that are too good to be true to lure their preys. We are all familiar with these ones because we come across them on daily basis.
    These ones really don’t do much harm, because our computers are the target. So we see them as the lesser crimes                       
    But how about when these crimes are directed to us, to impersonate us, dupe us, and rip us off?                       
    That's when cyber crimes become really big issue to the society. Has anyone heard of Identity theft? Thieves no longer steal only properties, they steal identity too whereby I become you and you become me
    The term Identity Theft is used to cyber-impersonate, when a person purports to be some other person, with a view to creating a fraud for financial gains or otherwise
    you should see identity theft 2013 movie so you can understand well, they create ids same as yours and you’d be photocopied in the city
    Next is credit card fraud: Do you know your credit card information can be stolen without someone seeing it or even touching it? Watch this video (Credit Card theft Technology) that explains how your credit card information can be stolen without contact with a device. Currently with this technology, cyber criminals are at the upper hand
    Next is Ransomware : This is one of the detestable malware-based attacks.
    Ransom ware enters your computer network and encrypts your files using public-key encryption, and unlike other malware this encryption key remains on the hacker’s server. Attacked users are then asked to pay huge ransoms to receive this private key.                       
    Hackers Cyber-jacking Attacks: This occurs mostly at the National or International level where advanced hackers target government or national properties like:
    •Network Providers
    •Government Websites
    •National Power System Grids
    •Traffic Control Systems
    •Nuclear Weapons Control Systems
    •Aircraft towers and lots more.                       

    But among all these crimes, how do we stay safe?
    Since we have identify the means and format through which they are coming, the next is know how to kick them off when you sense them near, because our cyber criminals are the most creative team workers now, there are over hundreds of formats through which they operate
    Now how do we stay safe from all these things? How do we become our local vigilante ourselves if our government is not really ready to help
    Research has it that more than ¾ of the reported cyber-attack victims were presented with a “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” offers and they immediately fell for it. Come to think of it, yahoo boys offer you mouth watering deals, you no longer check the risks involves, all you see is the money mentioned
    1] Do not reply to mails that say you won a lottery that you never entered.
    2] There are no widows or dying people who need your help to transfer their money to NGOs in your country. (This format is just so stupid)
    3] Do not directly reply with your resume to online job offers via emails –even if the job website is reputed, make a little background check first
    4] Control your excitement and actions if you get a ‘chance’ to lay your hands on millions of Dollars, for no reason.
    In virus attacks, PUPs, and other Computer Related Attacks
    Avoid patches and cracked software’s especially if it’s not from a source you trust, most antivirus considers these programs as security threats. Developers would always tell you to turn off any antivirus in use
    Avoid all these random RAM optimizer and random registry cleaner software’s                       
    Avoid Password keeper software’s: This password keeper has really dealt with me, I used to have a mozilla plugin that saved all my site passwords, until somehow I started noticing some strange activities on my logged sites, so i had to quickly change the passwords and get rid of that stupid app before it got worse                       
    Its good to refresh your OS at least once in 6months if you have the liberty and convenience.
    Always gives you opportunities for a fresh start                       
    Make sure browser flashplayers and other vulnerable pluggins are frequently updated. I’ve been to someone’s mozilla and saw his plugin toolbar filled with so many apps i don’t recognize. Pluggins you don’t have use for, please don’t install them, and make sure they are from                       

    Credit Cards
    Let’s talk about bank TOKENS and OTP. I recall, one of my friend that hated the mention of token code… her reason being that the protocol involved was too extravagant, so much long process just to make a mobile transaction. ‘Why would bank take security questions, take password and still request token?’ How much does she have that she’s securing.
    Those were her questions…. To cut the long story short, someone in her lodge crammed her credit card info and made online transactions with it.                       
    Credit cards information can be stolen remotely if your card has the radio chick embedded in it, the only way now to be safe is to set up your account with a 2-factor authentication                       
    Token and OTPs are good example of those.                      

    Finally, there‘s not really much we can do to stop cyber crimes in our current generation, infact crackers and hackers are getting smarter by the day and are always abreast of the technological advancements. The best to do is to avoid, secure, report and at worst case scenario... Fight back!!!                      
    Above all, BE SMART, Share and Explorer
     Thank you guys... I know we have all learn one thing or another, don’t forget to use the comment box

    Monday, 15 May 2017

    Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Video Technology

    We honor you for stopping by to  read this post,  I will be talking about why video is the next big thing as rightly, Lemme start by asking.
    Can you tell me what you understands by 'Video'?
    Video from my own understanding is a sequential of movement of composed images with a view to conveying meaning.
    Video is also the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images...
    It can be deduced that video involves
    • visual sequence of images to form a motion picture
    • Transmitted via a screen
    • Having audio components that corresponds with the motion pictures
    • Recorded, reproduced or broadcasted
    Video can basically be in 2 aspects (Recorded video & Live Coverage)
    • Characteristics of recorded video include : documentary, video editing, playback, fast forward, rewind, pause  etc
    • Characteristics of  Live coverage include:  commentary, on spot (live airing) such as live events like live  matches, weddings, conventions etc
    Generally, video has been around since 1950s and has gradually evolved overtime to our present day from VTRs (Video Tape Recorders) to VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders), to DVDs (Digital Versatile Disks), to HD videos to 4K videos now

    Since the advent of internet, video has gradually taken the internet by storm
    social has become a major part of our daily lives fora vast majority, so from what we can see Facebook alone amasses over 4 billion videos daily
      that 2016 figures u can bet the figures will grow by the end of this year, YouTube has over 1 billion active users                       
     And there is virtually nothing u can't find on YouTube now, its like the google of videos!!!
    Virtually all social media platform have a video feature... Facebook, whats-app, IMO, Skype, name them!!!
    Take Facebook for instance which is the mother of all social networks, you can do the practical now if you want to, if you scroll across 10 posts on Facebook at-least 4 will contain video in-case you haven't noticed that, keep note of that from now on
    videos are used in all fields of endeavors, education (e- learning) is what everyone talks about now, imagine YouTube pays you each time you upload a video, as long as it is driving traffic
    That's how must of those that post resources especially on YouTube make it big time even in entertainment and sports,there is a lot to leverage on. Image and TV rights are becoming blood money now
    On July 1st, Facebook announced a new monetization policy to encourage businesses to create and host video content on the network. The new system relies heavily on Facebook’s Suggested Video feature, which shows content similar to the video the user just watched. After watching a couple of videos, the user will see an ad, similar to the pre-roll ads one would see in a YouTube playlist. Unlike other Facebook videos, these ads will have sound on.
    Don't also forget to note that there's a limitation to the revenue a particular user guests from a video..  From what I've noticed, their system detects the IP of every gadget just like what Google does on YouTube. There know some persons might watch a particular video over a hundred times just to raise the revenue and traffic ranking of a particular video
    So... Lets ALL GET INVOLVED!!!
    Thank You for giving the privilege to compose this

    Sunday, 14 May 2017

    Processes involved in Software development

    I will be talking on the processes involved in software development but before i proceed, what do you understand by the phrase "processes in software development"?
    • it is the steps that a developer takes to bring an idea from conception to reality
    • algorithm or flow chat needed to adopt before developing a software
    • it's the skeletal output of the program
    all are right depending to your perspectives, but i will say that software development process is a set of steps that a software program goes through when being developed just like it pointed out above.
    from the point we get the idea to the time we start thinking of how to bring it to reality. then to the point cit finally comes to reality.
    it takes differentr processes to finally get our idea into reality and we would be getting to know those process in this tutorial.
    Stay put
    you will all agree with me that we have reach a situation where one has control over virtually everything at the tip of the fingers. Technology has developed beyond imagination, Thanks to all the software development industry
    Software development is gradually becoming a serious necessity and virtually every process now is getting automated, and all this automation is with the help of software that run at the background.
    there era different approaches to software development. We have different methodologisies but the main one i will try to explain is the waterfall methodology 
    Its considered the traditional method of explaining the software development process in software engineering, waterfall model happens to clarify the process into a linear flow with a specified sequence to let the user understand that further level is made progressive on completion of the previous one.
    The waterfall model is a sequential (non-iterative) design process, used in software development process, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phase of conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, production/implementation and maintenance
    The waterfall development model originated from the manufacturing and construction industries: highly structured physical environment inwhich after the fact changes are phohibitively costly, if not impossible. Because it was created in a time when no formal software development methodologies existed, this hardware-oriented model was simply adapted for software development.
    The processes in this model are:
    1. Requirements for the development of the software
    2. design implementation
    3. testing/verification
    4. maintainance
    These are the basic steps in the waterfall model, let talk brieflly on this steps starting from the first step
    • The requirements are the things needed to be able to implement the software. what and what is needed to be able to fully implement what is wanted in the software and get it working, during this prtocess the design is also made, with that one can find out everything that is needed for it to be achieved
    • the second step is design implementation, this is where you decide the kind of design you want to implement on your project
    • after this process the next is testing of what has been done so far to be sure that it works as planned, and documentating things about the software to enable anyone use it without much issues
    • then after this comes the maintenance process
    The waterfall model provides a structured approach; the model itself progresses linearly through discrete, easily understandable and explainable phases and thus is easy to understand; it also provides easily identifiable milestones in the development process. It is perhaps for this reason that the waterfall model is used as a beginning example of a development model in many software engineering texts and courses.
    It is argued that the waterfall model can be suited to projects where requirements and scope are fixed, the product itself is firm and stable, and the technology is clearly understood.
    The problem with this methodology is that Clients may not know exactly what their requirements are before they see the working software and so change their requirements, leading to redesign, redevelopment, and retesting, and increased costs, But after all this long grammar about methodology one may not really grab the essential thing which one should not miss for any reason during the software development process and that is the UX..(User experience)

    Ux is everything one  needs to know, think about and do to make sure that you are launching the right product for the right people 
    The fundamentals of UX
    Focus on the user of the software: Design for them, not for yourself . understand their needs motivations and constraints . Put them at the center of your decision making. Reward their engagement and earn their trust
    Do your research : Understand your product area and what the strength and weaknesses of those possibly in  competition are, and Validate your assumptions with friends relatives and likely users. Adapt your plans based on what u learn: adapt in the sense that as you plan on how to build the software. do that having in mind things u found out through the research you did ur relative probably gave you a hint on how it would be better if u do it. another friend may have given u his own view too. so as make your plans try to adapt to  what you got from your research
    strive for simplicity: Make sure your proposition and benefits are clear and can be championed by your users, priotize what is best for your users and work hard to remove roadblocks from their path and make it as simple as u can make it . in a way that anyone can easily use it without much problem.
    solve real problems: look around you and think about how application of the technology could change things for the better, then the iterative process is also there where you build test. get feedback from people and improve on it.
    Thanks for following all through, I believe you'v learnt something new in this post, please do not forget to use our comment box to ask any questions.
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    Get Free App for Bloggers

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    Thursday, 30 March 2017

    How to share file between computers with Lan cable

    In my previous article i give a tutorial on how to share file between 2 computers but it only for wireless supported computers, after that i got lots of mail requesting if there is any way to also share file without internet between 2 computers.
    The answer is YES and am going to show you how to do it in this tutorial but this tutorial  might be different from my tutorials because i will not make use of screenshot, therefore you need to read and follow up.
    Just sit relax and sip your coffee as you read through
    To share files between 2  computers that are not wireless supported without internet, all you need is a LAN cable 
     Step 1 : Get your computers ready
    get your two computer in place
    power them on and make sure it boot to desktop
     Step 2: Connecting your LAN Cable
     get a good working LAN cable
     plug one end of the cable into computer1 LAN port and plug the other end into computer2 LAN port
    Step 3: Configuring the network
    After plunging the LAN in the 2 port you will see a pop out message asking you what network you wish to connect with
    it always Public, Home, Work so kindly select Public
    Note: not all computers will bring the pop out box, so don't panic if yours is not bringing it
    Now go to your Network and sharing center, click on change advance sharing setting and turn ON network discovery.
    If you don't know your way through the network and sharing center  i refer you to click  Here to read it
    Step 4: Now sharing your file
    After you might have successfully done the steps above, your computers should be able to access each other now
    Go to you network  you will see the 2nd computer
    Now copy the file you want to share
    Click on that 2nd computer from your network , it will open
    now paste the file on the public folder there
     and that all about sharing file
    It shouldn't not take you more than 5min maximum

    Sunday, 26 March 2017

    How to share files between 2 computers without internet

    Sharing of files from one computer to the other can sometime be stressful if you don't know your way in the Tech world, Some share files by Mail, Internet and via flash drives but today i will show you how to to share files from one computer to the other without internet and it only one time setup
     In my last post, i wrote about How to create a Wireless hosted network, I believe you might have learn from it, today tutorial has nothing to do with codes and it will be more complex
    Now get set with your computer as you follow the steps bellow
    If your computer has no wireless host-spot please CLICK HERE to Share file with LAN cable

    Step 1:  Set up a wireless Ad Hoc Network
     To setup this make sure you are not connected to the internet and your computer most be wireless enable
    Now click on the Network icon on the task bar
    Open Network and sharing center
    click Setup a new connection or network
    After opening, scroll down to Setup a wireless ad hoc Network and click
    A pop box will appear for you  to give your network a name (e.g zealwise) and a security key
     Now OK and close
    you have successfully created a wireless Ad hoc Network

    Step 2: Go to the 2nd computer and connect to the created network
     click on the network icon, you will see the network you just created in Computer 1 (e.g zealwise)
    click to connect to it and enter the security key.

    Step 3: Configuring your I.P

    Now on computer 1, go to your network and sharing center
    click on the wireless network created (e.g zealwise)
    Go to properties, then click
    a pop out box will appear scroll to Internet protocol Version 4, then click open
    another pop out box will appear
    click on use the following ip and input the ip below
    I.P :
    Subnet :
    leave the third box empty and click OK
    Repeat this step on computer 2

    Step 4: Change Advance sharing settings
     in your Network and sharing center, click on home-group 
     click on advance sharing settings and follow the diagram below

     now click save change
    Repeat the procedure in computer 2

    Step 5: File sharing
    Now go to the file you want to share, right click it and scroll to properties then click sharing
    click on advance sharing
    tick Share this folder
    click permission and tick the allow box

    click apply and O k
    To access the file from computer 2, go to network and click on computer 1
    you will see the file and access them.

      Follow the procedure carefully and if you face any difficulty feel free to use the comment box below

    Thursday, 23 March 2017

    How to Screenshot your windows 10 display

    Recently i wrote a tutorial on how you can turn your windows 10 to a wireless hotspot i receive numerous emails that how did i screenshot the whole tutorial,
    But today am going to show you how to take a screenshot on windows 10 step by step
    relax and have your coffee as you read through.

    Short codes are very important in technician worlds because it make word easier while some thinks short codes are tricks
     The prtsc button on your your keyboard plays an important role when it comes to screenshot image or display on your computer , you can use this to get help troubleshooting a problem or to explain how to do somethings on windows just like my last articles or to save conversations and many more.

    locate the 'print screen' key on your keyboard. it is always located below the insert key. 
    the Print screen key may be tagged as:
    • Print screen
    • Prt Scr
    • PrtScn 
    Option 1

    Press Prtscr  to take screenshot of the monitor. Pressing it will copy the display to the clipboard, so that you can paste it into your desire program such as paint

    Note: No confirmation displayed when the capture is made
               The dimension of the screenshot will be determine by the resolution of your PC
    Option 2
     Press Alt + Prtscr to take a screenshot of active windows, if you press down the Alt key when pressing screenshot, the image of just the active window will be captured to the clipboard. Everything else on the screen will be ignored.
    Option 3
    In some cases the two options above does not work, so therefore you need to use this 3rd step
    Press and hold fn key down and press prtscr
    but this method copy all the whole screen
    After using any of the option above, in order to edit or save it, you have to paste it into a program. I suggest you open a new file in paint and press ctrl + V to paste the screenshot
    Now you can edit and costumise your screenshot to your taste
    • When you are tough with your editing save it as a PNG  or JPG image 
    • JPG images loose some quality when they are save while PNG retain their original quality but will result in small file
    • You can also paste your screenshot on other programs like Words, corel and photoshop or email
    • your mouse cursor will never appear on the screenshot
    Thanks for reading through, drop your comment and feel free to ask questions

    How to create Wifi hotspot with windows 10

    Windows 10 has a feature called "Hosted Network" that allows you to use your computer as a wireless hotspot, 
    In this guide we'll show you how to go about it.
    Whether you're connecting to the internet using a wifi or wired adapter, Windows 10 allows you to pear an internet connection with other devices with a feature called "Hosted Network".
    Hosted Network is a feature that comes included with the Netsh (Network Shell) command-line utility. It allows you to use the operating system to create a virtual wireless adapter – something that Microsoft refers to "Virtual Wi-Fi" — and create a SoftAP, which is a software-based wireless access point.
    Through the combination of these two elements, your PC can take its internet connection (be it an ethernet connection or hookup through a cellular adapter) and share it with other wireless devices — essentially acting as a wifi hotspot.
     we'll walk you through the steps to verify if your network adapter supports the feature, how to configure and enable a wireless Hosted Network easily.
    Open your command prompt
    1. How to check if your wifi adapter supports Hosted Networks in Windows 10
     you will first need to verify if your computer's physical wireless adapter supports this feature using the following command:
    NETSH WLAN show drivers

     if "YES" then continue to step 2.
    2. Don't let the command line scare you. Just follow the steps below to configure a wireless Hosted Network:
    1. while still in command prompt type  the following command:
      NETSH WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Your_wifi  key=Your_pin

      Where the SSID would be the name you want to appear on your wireless network when trying to connect a new device, and the key is the network security key you want users to use to connect to your network. 
      (change your _wifi to any name you wish and your_pin to any pin you wish but most be more than 8digits.)
      After changing press Enter 
      3. Now you need to activate it, enter the following command to activate it:
      NETSH WLAN start hostednetwork

      Now your hostspot is created but any wifi device cant access the network yet.
      4.Now goto your control panel - Network and internet - Network and sharing 
      Select Ethenet, then click Properties

      1. Click the Sharing tab.
      2. Check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection option.
      3. Next, from the Home networking connection drop-down menu select the Microsoft Hosted Virtual Adapter.
        1. Click OK to finish.
        At this point, you should be able to see and connect any wifi capable device to the newly created software access point, and with access to the internet.
        Meanwhile if you decide to stop or deactivate the hostednetwork in future kindly read 
        How to stop wireless hostednetwork